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West Palm Beach Federal Crime Attorney

The federal government may get involved any time a crime is committed on federal land or in a federal building in West Palm Beach, including land managed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal courthouse or a bank. In addition, the U.S. government has enacted thousands of criminal laws in areas ranging from white collar crime to drug charges to human trafficking and terrorism. Persons convicted of these crimes can be penalized with fines as high as $250,000 and prison terms as long as 30 years. Don’t take chances with your life, your liberty and your livelihood. If you’ve been charged with a federal crime in South Florida, reach out to a West Palm Beach federal crime attorney who has decades of experience in federal criminal law in South Florida. Call the law office of Bruce L. Udolf, P.A.

Why do I Need a West Palm Beach Lawyer Experienced in Federal Criminal Defense?

After an arrest, you may be looking for the lawyer with the biggest advertisement or the one who promises the best results. If you’ve been arrested for a federal crime in West Palm Beach, it’s imperative that you choose an attorney with experience in federal criminal law. Federal crimes are prosecuted in a separate court system from the Florida state courts, with their own prosecutors and judges and their own sets of rules and procedures. An attorney who is inexperienced in federal criminal law may make serious mistakes in your case that cannot be undone.

Criminal defense attorney Bruce Udolf has over 40 years of experience in white collar criminal trial law, including decades handling federal crimes in West Palm Beach and South Florida. His years of experience as a federal criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach are backed by more than a decade at the Department of Justice, handling white collar crime, narcotics cases, and appeals in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida. At the law office of Bruce L. Udolf, P.A., we are intimately familiar with the particular rules and procedures of the federal court system in the Southern District, and we have a thorough understanding of the complex federal laws relevant to your case.

How are Federal Trials Different?

Even before a trial starts, the federal criminal system has many steps that may seem similar to criminal procedure in Florida state courts, but there are significant differences that make knowledge of these steps critical to defending your case successfully. Some of these steps are:

Grand Jury – In Florida, grand juries are required to indict someone for murder if the prosecutor will be pursuing the death penalty. Statewide grand juries are also often used in cases of public corruption. Apart from those areas, state attorneys can initiate criminal proceedings by filing a formal accusation, and no grand jury is required. Even experienced Florida criminal defense attorneys may, therefore, have little to no experience with grand jury proceedings.

In the federal system, on the other hand, a grand jury indictment is required in every felony case, unless this requirement is waived. If you are called to testify in a grand jury, your constitutional rights can be severely impaired if you do not receive sound advice from an experienced attorney beforehand.

Pretrial Detention – Before any trial begins, the accused may face a number of hearings on issues such as pretrial detention or release and probable cause. Also, the accused may be interviewed by U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services. Knowing how to handle the pretrial interview can be essential for obtaining a pretrial release, allowing you to work, be with your family and assist in preparing your defense while awaiting trial.

Admissibility of Evidence – Admitting evidence in a federal criminal trial in West Palm Beach, or objecting to the admissibility of evidence, is governed by the Federal Rules of Evidence. These rules differ in many respects from the Florida Evidence Code used in state prosecutions, including critical areas such as hearsay, expert testimony, and impeaching witnesses.

Sentencing – Federal judges follow the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines when handing down sentences. These guidelines are not mandatory, however, and judges have the discretion to consider aggravating or mitigating circumstances. Federal criminal sentences can be harsh; skilled and knowledgeable representation is vital at the sentencing phase.

Appeals – Federal appellate law has its own rules, procedures and timelines that differ from appealing criminal convictions in state court. Attorney Bruce L. Udolf has decades of experience handling federal criminal appeals in West Palm Beach and South Florida, including working in the appellate section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Get the Help You Need after an Arrest for Federal Crimes in West Palm Beach

Bruce L. Udolf, P.A., is the one to call when you have been arrested for a West Palm Beach federal crime. Do not hesitate to call if you have been approached by federal agents or told you are under investigation for white collar crimes or drug offenses. The sooner you call, the better we can help you achieve the best outcome in your criminal case.

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